Saigon River Cruise

You can see Ho Chi Minh City from all the best angles, our saigon river cruise tours offer the opportunities to explore Saigon. You should try taking many photos with saigon river cruise if you get the opportunity.

For a more enjoyable experience, our saigon river cruise tour will take you on a journey to the city's most exciting nightlife venues and Vietnamese cuisine.

Let’s come aboard with us along the Saigon River and discover the beauty of Ho Chi Minh City with luxurious boats. This is the best great memory for you.

Some unforgettable experiences when traveling saigon river cruise

1. Enjoying a romantic and luxurious dinner on the Saigon River

Let's imagine what is more wonderful when you are enjoying a sumptuous dinner full of delicious dishes with your family or your friends. In addition, you can also enjoy the cool breeze on the river with music and watch the shimmering beauty of Saigon at night. In the middle of crowded and bustling city, the fact that people find places with the airy atmosphere to immerse in nature is something everyone wants to do. So why don’t you try to enjoy this unique saigon river cruise service now?

Saigon River Cruise

2. Diverse and varied menu

With a luxurious and unique space, there is no shortage of good food. The menu layout is diverse, presentation of dishes with many different flavors. And specially, the most important thing is delicious food. Currently, we have added many new dishes to the menu so that you can choose freely when using package services without worrying about the price.

3. Friendly, thoughtful and professional service

Besides the two things mentioned above about the benefit of saigon river cruise, the service attitude of the staff is also one of the decisive factors to the quality of the restaurant. Therefore, our restaurant is always sincerely serve all your needs so that customers feel more secure with Saigon Ship.

4. Affordable costs and many special incentives

Depending on the service package and the type of service you choose, there will be different incentives and costs. However, when you come to us, no matter which package you register, you will still enjoy a luxurious and unique space in Saigon.

Saigon river cruise tour program

  • 18h30: Cruise to welcome guests, visitors board the boat to enjoy recreational activities at floor 3, View 360 degrees.
  • 19h10: Opening Banquet, Guests enjoy regional dishes, made by 5-star chefs.
  • 19h15: Starting traveling on the Saigon River. Visitors will see the landscape, life of residents on both sides of the Saigon River. Feeling the difference "On River bank and Under Boat" of a modern City. Yacht will pass through historical places such as Nha Rong Port, Bach Dang Wharf, Ba Son Port (1790). The Yacht will continue to run towards the tallest Landmark 81 Building in Vietnam today for guests to enjoy
  • 21h15: 5-star cruise will dock at Saigon Port, 5 Nguyen Tat Thanh, District 4, HCM to pay guests and end the program.

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